Synopsis of Avichi

Avichi - Sanskrit and Pali for "without soul".
Soulless beings wandering in a state of misery,
turning animalistic with each passing moment,
in a never-ending realm of hell.

The world of Avichi on its surface seems like a beautiful oasis but as we are introduced to two men, stripped off their humanity and driven by a core animalistic instinct to survive, it reveals its ruthless and unforgiving nature.

As these two men scavenge and hunt in what seems like a vacuum of emptiness; hunger & pain, a single moment of hope breaks them free and takes them on a journey deeper into the world of Avichi. As they explore the unknown and strange corners of Avichi, they find themselves surrounded by the horrors of their past and an inevitable dark future where their fight becomes no longer to survive but to keep their hope alive no matter how illusive or delusional it is.

As this film has no spoken language you experience this journey through a wave of visuals, sound and music.